Rose gold rings - who do they suit and what to wear them with?

Rose gold rings - who do they suit and what to wear them with?

Rose gold has been neglected for many long years. After all, there is only one real gold. Every woman wants yellow gold jewelry. Fortunately, the attitude towards his pink brother is slowly changing. It's good, because it has a breath of novelty and freshness. It's something original, original and modern. Just different. It will definitely suit all women who have their own style and love to emphasize it. We also have very good news for women with pale skin. Rose gold jewelry will not overshadow you, but will only emphasize your natural beauty. How can you match the styling to it? How to wear them? What is rose gold and how is it made? We are already answering!

How is rose gold made?
Let's start with what not every woman is fully aware of. Gold jewelry is not gold at all. how is it? Gold itself is too soft and cannot be made into anything. Therefore, it is necessary to mix it with other metals, such as, for example: metals, e.g. silver, copper, nickel or palladium. Rose gold is made by combining gold with copper. It is she who gives it its characteristic color. Shades of pink jewelry can be very different. See, for example, a cubic zirconia ring and a cross motif ring. You have to admit that they are very different from each other.

Rose gold is completely wrongly considered something new on the jewelry market. The truth is that it has been known since the 19th century. At the very beginning, pink gold aroused admiration in the inhabitants of Russia. Over time, they lost their popularity, because a myth began to circulate that pink jewelry is not as valuable as yellow gold jewelry. Fortunately, in the 21st century, no one believes in it anymore and rose gold jewelry is again very willingly bought by women.

What women are rose gold rings suitable for?
If you have fair skin and light eye color, don't hesitate any longer. Start choosing the perfect rose gold ring now. Maybe you like a simple ring with an eyelet? Or maybe a minimalist ring caught your eye more, which makes a very big impression? Its form is truly unheard of.

Rose gold is simply created for women with a Slavic type of beauty. It suits delicate, natural ladies. Rose gold jewelry perfectly harmonizes with beauty. It does not take it away and does not stand out in the foreground. For many women, including you, yellow gold is too ostentatious and visible. Rose gold, on the other hand, is really subtle. If you have a darker complexion, it will also suit you perfectly. Tanned skin and rose gold jewelry are a perfect combination. Why does rose gold harmonize so beautifully with many skin tones? The secret is that it is not flashy or contrasting. Thanks to this, it perfectly illuminates the face. You will look younger, radiant and simply more beautiful in it.

What stones can you find in rose gold rings?
Rose gold rings available in the Jolmie store assortment may or may not have a so-called eye. Rose gold goes very well with cubic zirconias. An example to confirm this thesis is a ring in the style of a wedding ring with these stones. Precious stones are also very good company for pink gold. It combines perfectly with, for example, amethyst, smoky quartz, opal and pearls. An interesting way to diversify each styling is to combine rings in two shades of rose gold on one hand or finger. Certainly such a decoration is something very original and simple to try at the next opportunity.

As you can see, rose gold jewelry is a great choice for many women. If it has also aroused your interest, we invite you to browse through the offer of the Jolmie online store. You will find not only rings, but also rose gold earrings and necklaces at attractive prices.
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