How to choose jewelry for the occasion?

How to choose jewelry for the occasion?

Women's jewelry is a perfect complement to the outfit. The same in a professional environment, as well as during an official meeting, it can be a perfect accent that emphasizes the entire composition. However, it should be remembered that in many cases a "dress code" will apply. It is nothing more than a set of rules that are worth following when it comes to composing an outfit for a specific event. It can be both an everyday outfit for work, as well as the one that is used for important business meetings. How to choose jewelry based on the circumstances of its establishment?

How to choose jewelry?
In many cases, when it comes to the dress code at work, the type of dress is determined by the employer. However, that doesn't mean you can't wear any jewelry with your work outfit. Of course, ladies who are married always wear a wedding ring, often also an engagement ring. However, a few more elements can be added to the outfit. Due to the fact that it is very important in a work outfit to maintain moderation, as well as to focus on simplicity, its perfect complement will be classic necklaces.

One such proposal is a necklace with a rectangular pendant. It is a simple, subtle, but clear addition to a business outfit that can emphasize its elegant, but subdued character.

Another suggestion is a silver necklace. It is a perfect complement to a formal outfit, which will work both during a business meeting, but also as part of an evening outfit. A very delicate, simple decoration that is not conspicuous, and at the same time gives the whole creation elegance and charm.

For people who like classic, golden colors of jewelry, a gold-plated classic necklace will be a great addition. It is also a subtle decoration that gives the whole outfit a subdued look.

The Jolmie store also offers other models of necklaces that will work not only as more balanced, classic types of decorations, but can also be the dominant element of the entire creation, giving it expressiveness and brilliance.

Which earrings to choose for work?
Earrings are also a very important element when it comes to women's jewelry. Here, too, when it comes to fitting into the dress code, it is worth betting on simplicity. Delicate, small-sized earrings that complement the entire image, but not the dominant element, will work well. When it comes to fashionable proposals that blend in with trends, but also the employee dress code, a great idea is to choose a teardrop earrings product. These are small-sized earrings whose subtle appearance is emphasized by bright colors.

Another great, slightly more daring idea is vintage style earrings. In their case, we can talk about the dominant element, which is dark in color. Still, the earrings are so subdued and balanced that they will perfectly match the official outfit, and at the same time will make the lady who wears them look confident and determined.
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